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In 1964 on the base of Andijan filial of Tashkent Institute of irrigation and agricultural engineers Andijan Cotton growing institute was founded, which educated (prepared) engineer mechanics, land melioration engineers and scholar agronomists.

In 1992 February 28 at the Decree of President I.A.Karimov a great attention was paid to agriculture and Andijan Agriculture Institute was founded on the base of the Institute. Now the Institute is educating and preparing specialists in 14 directions of agricultural mechanization, management, accounting and audit:

5410200-Agronomiy (agricultural products)

5410300-Plant formations defense and quarantine

5410500-Growing, storage and technology of technology first processing of agricultural products

5111000-Professional education (Agronomy)

5411000-Fruit and vegetable-growing, viticulture

5410400-Selection of agricultural plants and seed-farming

5450200- Water economy land melioration and

5850300-Ecologiy and defensing of environment

5430100-Mechanization of agriculture

5140900-Professional education (mechanization of agriculture)

5620600-Zootechnics (in directions)


5230900-Accountance and audit in different spheres of national economy

5420100-Management of farming

In 2012-2013 academic year 24 students were accepted to masters course on 14 specifications by State Testing Commission.

5A450201-Hydromelioration (land melioration and irrigation)

5A430101-Mechanization of agriculture

5A410202-Plant-growing (on crop groups)

5A410301-Defencing plant formations (on methods)

There exist 13 chairs, which were founded at the decree №415 of the Cabinet of Minister of September 3.2004. Now at the institute 2 303 bachelor course students study in 3 faculties: “Agronomy”, Mechanization of Agriculture, Economics and Management.

There are 530 personnel at the institute, 188 of them are professors and teachers. 80 percent of the teaching staff have got scientific degrees, 9 doctors of sciences and professors, 80 candidates of sciences.

The average age of the teaching staff is 49.1

The education process is arranged according to Normative programmers on different disciplines and subjects worked out on the base of the State Education programmers at the Order №387 of September 16. 2011 about confirmation of improved education plans on Higher education directions and specification (1,2-year), Order №191 of June 24 2008 (3-4 year education).

In 2011-2012 363 students on 12 specifications have graduated from the institute and got the bachelor diplomas.

A great deal of work has been fulfilled and are being carried out, and the teaching stuff is fully maintained in all their scientific and educative work.

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